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The Australian Flag Society has made a submission in relation to the federal government's proposal for a US-style pledge of allegiance as part of civics education in Australia (https://www.sbs.com.au/news/cormann-backs-dutton-s-proposal-for-us-style-loyalty-pledge-in-schools) that outlines a four point plan of action stating:

(1) That the tradition of the national salute be reinstated
(2) That there be both a denominational and secular formulation along the same lines as the one to be used whenever the parliament house centenary flag is displayed which in long form reads:

I fear God, *
I love my country,
I honour her Queen, **
I salute her flag,
I promise to always obey her laws.

* Non denominational schools may substitute the words I am an Australian

** Optional Anglican affirmation

(3) That at a minimum there be an annual pause for the national salute in schools for Australian National Flag Day, 3 September
(4) That school assemblies involving the national salute on whatever basis be required as a condition of federal funding

It is envisaged that educational institutions representative of minority faiths will have the freedom of using a secular version or devising a religious affirmation to suit their particular needs. The AFS believes that as these long dark shadows continue to spread over humanity it is now more important than ever to rally around those symbols of our nation that have passed the test of time and bringing back the National Salute in schools and at community events stands to make us all better and more united Australians.

All schools in Australia are encouraged to join in the society's 1st Annual Pause for the National Salute to begin at or around 2:30 PM this coming 3 September 2018 to celebrate Australian National Flag Day and the 117th anniversary of our chief national symbol.

For more:

Nigel Morris

National Convenor
Australian Flag Society

m: 0431 149 177



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