Pause for the National Salute





Traditional format:

Once a week children are organised into the form of a hollow square facing the flagpole. When, at a given signal, the flag is raised, the boys should salute, and the girls stand to attention. Then all, placing the right hand on the left breast, should recite the National Salute (or another form of words approved by the school community) simultaneously:

I fear God,*

I love my country,

I honour her Queen,**

I salute her flag,

I promise to always obey her laws.


* Non denominational schools may substitute the words I am an Australian

** Optional Anglican affirmation

Citizenship oath variant


As an Australian citizen,

I pledge/affirm my loyalty to Australia and its people,

Whose democratic beliefs I share,

Whose rights and liberties I respect, and

Whose laws I will uphold and obey.


Immediately afterwards, taking the time from the teacher, or some one appointed for the purpose, three cheers for the Queen may be given, the boys uncovering their heads.


Schools may obtain an Australian national flag under the Constituent's Request Scheme by contacting the local federal MP or senator. Similarly the Queensland flag can also be made available by contacting local state MPs.



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