Privacy statement


The Australian Flag Society is committed confidentiality and to protecting the privacy of supporters and our Public Officer is responsible for ensuring that the Privacy Act 1988 is adhered to. 


Collecting and keeping your personal information safe


The Australian Flag Society collects and stores information about members to:

  • maintain contact with financial contributors

  • inform our supporters about the role and extent of our work and mission

  • comply with necessary business and accounting standards

  • comply with state and commonwealth government requirements

  • to research and develop our appeals for funds

  • send out newsletters, make appeals and other broadcasts

How you can access your information

The register of supporters must be open for personal inspection free of charge to any member of the society. However we reserve the right to charge for any extraordinary cost incurred in providing you with a copy of information about you held in our records.

The public officer must be satisfied that the applicant only intends to use information obtained from the register of supporters to contact or send material to their common associates for:

  • the purposes of sending a newsletter, notice of a meeting or some other material relating to the society or its affiliates, or

  • any other purpose necessary to comply with.

We not not disclose your information to external service providers such as mailing houses, marketing organisations and information technology service providers.


Privacy clause


At any time a member requests that any information contained in the register of supporters about them (other than their name and non residential contact details) remain confidential, then that information must not be made available for inspection.


For security reasons you will be asked to put your request in writing. To enable us to verify your request we require you to advise the following:

  • your membership identification number

  • address

  • full name

  • phone number

How you can contact us


If you have any questions in relation to privacy please contact us.